Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Here we are. Blessed with multiple copies of this total handmade jewel of an object containing 4 of the newest of the new punk thing being done in Oakland USA by Wet Drag.  Screen printed cassingle style jackets featuring artwork by Max Nordile and the official Smart Brains seal of approval.   (featuring members of Grass Widow, Stillsuit & Uzi Rash)

As confusing as it all seems this is pop music.  Just as succinct as the members other projects (Grass Widow, Stillsuit, Uzi Rash), there is a lazy weird that draws you in, like a witch shitting on a log.

This is new punk music. It’s freaking me out. I’m crazy about it. You should buy it. ( featuring members of Grass Widow, Stillsuit, Uzi Rash)

Recorded by Cody Blanchard. Limited to 100 copies. Comes with Wet Drag 'Silhouette Yeah' screenprinted patch while supplies last (mail order only).

yrs for only $6.oo  (u.s. shipment)   order

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