Friday, May 23, 2014

ok so it's VIOLENCE CREEPS yallsies.

Ok, so listen up. seriously. I know... I know... I'm in this band... so that is why I've been keeping this a secret.  so like, Smart Brains... this label i do, kinda put out this tape ... it is maybe 1.. 2..3...4 4... 5.. or ... maybe even the   6th one.... ug..but well---> and when i mean "kind of"... I mean really "kind of". but like... what the fuck... I kinda did... what's up dudes?! wheres my money at? cause all these tapes are all gone--- aand.... and we ate taco bell and like we got sauce on our face and we were laughing about how I got a mexican pizza. hmmm. so now I'm confused. well..... the "label" has 3 copies. you "might" have read about this tape in the punk rock bible called "MRR"-- and we are a punk band. . That's cool. Do it. Order our tape. Chances are... I will probably have to refund you because I only have 3 copies left. But really look at that cover! isn't it cool? that person is all sad and crying because he has a MOTHER FUCKING shoe on his fucking head. AND YOU KNOW WHAT? that is how VIOLENCE CREEPS roooooooooooooooooooolls. you heard it here first from SMART BRAINS.  you wanna why? cos this shit fucking rules!!!
.... ug so paypal me at for a tape like 6 bucks. sorry I don't have an easy "internet" link... it's just that sometimes, the internet changes, even when you are too busy doing yr own thing and then you have to re figure out the internet. ug ... so like yeah, I have to reinvestigate some shitty stupid html or some css whatever shit or just READ stuff ON THE FUCKING INTERNET to put our new tapes up for sale here. but yeah. use existing buy "links" or just send money to said email and you will get a tape in the mail. I love you all. you fucking rule!!!

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